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Landscape Analysis

How Can Innovative Finance Transform Our Postsecondary Education and Training Systems?

New Approaches to Paying for Postsecondary Education Offer Tremendous Potential

November 29, 2023

At a Glance

Postsecondary education plays a pivotal role in helping individuals enhance their careers and adapt to changes in the job market. However, the way that we educate and prepare workers in the United States to enter the labor market is inflexible and disjointed, and it consistently falls short of supporting future workers in financing their education. In this comprehensive report, JFF’s Financing the Future (FTF) team breaks down five innovative finance models that have the potential to transform our postsecondary education and training systems: Outcome-Based Financing, Pay for Success, Lifelong Learning Accounts, Employer Training Incentives, and Employment-Connected Training.


Financing the Future
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Financing the Future

JFF’s Financing the Future (FTF) initiative reimagines the way we finance education and skills development.

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Financing the Future

JFF’s Financing the Future initiative reimagines the way we finance education and skills development. JFF’s Financing the Future initiative reimagines the way we finance education and skills development. Our team is made up of individuals…

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Four Ways States Can Lead the Way in Innovative Education Finance

Examples: Colorado HB1350 created the Regional Talent Development Initiative Grant Program, now called Opportunity Now Colorado, which established a grant program in Colorado “to create or expand innovative talent development initiatives” in the state to…

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We Must Act Now to Prevent the Next Student Debt Crisis

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Income Share Agreements

An income share agreement (ISA) is an innovative financing tool used by education and training providers that ties the amount that learners pay to the amount of money they earn after completion. Students pay a…

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Many students reported a positive experience with ISAs. They offered a variety of reasons for their satisfaction, including helping students access education, flexible repayments that are proportional to income, ease of accessibility for international students…

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What We Know About the Income Share Agreement Market

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Exploring Racial and Gender Differences in ISA Contract Terms and Repayment Patterns

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How Biden’s Student Loan Plan Compares to Australian and U.K. Programs

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April 5, 2023
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Advancing evidence-based policy for education and the workforce. Nearly half of U.S. workers are in low-paying jobs. Systemic issues in education, employment, and workforce development prevent millions of people from advancing economically and threaten our…