June 7–8
Horizons 2022

June 7–8, 2022

New Orleans

Horizons: On the Record

Episode 1: "How Build Back Better and Infrastructure Bills May Impact Learners and Workers"

Horizons is a national platform for transforming the education and workforce systems. Join us in 2022 to reimagine what’s possible and rebuild for equitable economic advancement for all.

More than a conference,

Horizons is a community. Come to New Orleans, and you’ll:


Meet and learn from hundreds of leaders, thinkers, funders, and educators across the full spectrum of education and workforce development.


Hear bold ideas and gain first-hand insight into evidence-based practices for advancing equitable economic outcomes for workers and learners.


Leave inspired to apply your new knowledge. You'll learn how to transform theory into practice, with resources and support from experts from across sectors.