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A Path Forward: Innovative Solutions to Build a Modern Workforce for GenZ+

At a Glance

Research shows there is growing awareness and acceptance of more education to career pathways among employers and Gen Z. However, work is needed to reduce the perceived and real risks holding many young people and employers from pursuing and hiring from high-quality education to career training and credentials. Together, ASA and JFF have crafted an action plan to eliminate the risks and fears, strengthen learner agency, help employers adopt skills-based practices, and ensure policymakers improve funding models.
Date April 30, 2024
1:00pm to 12:00am

Are you a policy maker, employer, educator, trusted adult, or a learner? Join us to discuss a collection of resources that will help you take the next steps and launch into action–we invite you to explore our resources before attending our live event:


  • Joel Vargas, Vice President – JFF
  • Julie Lammers, Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Corporate Social Responsibility – ASA
  • Susan Acevedo Moyer, Director of Multiple Pathways – JFF


  • Erica Cuevas, Director, Policy & Advocacy – JFF
  • David Newsome, Director, Employer Mobilization – JFF