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Post Lessons Learned on Blending Work-Based Learning With Dual Enrollment in Tennessee
Lesson 1: Flexible systems and policies allow for course innovation Case highlight: In Tennessee, schools report on and are held accountable for student participation in both dual enrollment courses and WBL opportunities, but currently courses…
September 6, 2023
Post Digital Skills for All: How Public Workforce Leaders Are Building On-Ramps to Digital Jobs for Underrepresented Workers
The public workforce system is building modern, inclusive, and accessible IT training ecosystems with virtual training that offer short-term, flexible, self-paced coursework with industry recognition. Along with this burgeoning employer engagement, pilot sites have noted…
September 5, 2023
Post Now Open: Request for Applications for Colorado OPT Project
Now Open: Request for Applications for Colorado OPT Project On-Ramps to Postsecondary Transitions (OPT) is a groundbreaking model that eases student transition from secondary, to postsecondary, to the workforce by creating a connected and streamlined…
August 30, 2023
Post Policies That Normalize Opportunity Impact Lives
Now an advocate for people who are incarcerated, Aminah Elster faced red tape and regulatory roadblocks when she reentered her community following incarceration. Her story illustrates how important it is to normalize opportunity for people…
August 28, 2023
Post Making Quality Jobs a Reality for Millions More Workers
JFF’s Quality Jobs Framework outlines actions that can transform employer practices—and the entire learn and work ecosystem—to give all workers what they deserve, beyond just a living wage. Employers, industry leaders, and policymakers and other…
August 28, 2023
Post Manufacturing Apprenticeship Preps New Supervisors for New Duties
In Massachusetts, a Registered Apprenticeship helps newly promoted supervisors make the transition from the shop floor to leadership roles. Immediate Impact From the beginning of the program, apprentices gain skills and knowledge they can put…
August 28, 2023
Post Using Systems Change Strategies to Address Structural Racism
The Work Ahead Disrupting structural racism requires intentional effort, strategic partnership, and an inherent belief that the people who are most affected by systems of exclusion and oppression know what they need and thus are…
August 28, 2023
Post Four AI Upskilling Strategies for Business Leaders
Employers have an unparalleled opportunity to help realize the potential of AI by ensuring that all workers have the training they need. In the race to navigate the new world being reshaped by artificial intelligence…
August 22, 2023
Post Changemakers: How Cushman & Wakefield Uses Skills-Based Hiring for Veterans
Matt Disher helps Cushman & Wakefield’s hiring managers find top talent through skills-based hiring. The majority of employers now rely on college degrees when hiring because they believe it is a less risky choice. How…
August 17, 2023