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Post Why Apprenticeship? The Next Generation of Talent Needs the Next Generation of Skills
Employers are facing an urgent workforce crisis that will continue to deepen over time if not addressed. Job openings in the U.S. increased to 9.6 million in August of 2023; however, there were only 6.4…
November 13, 2023
Post Empowering Michigan's Workforce: How Michigan's Center for Student Success Connects Industry Credentials and Higher Education
Over the past three years, the Michigan Center for Student Success (MCSS) at the Michigan Community College Association (MCCA) has focused on implementing the statewide Strengthening MiWorkforce Pathways project with generous grant funding from the…
November 7, 2023
Post Leaders From JFF’s Student Success Center Network Tackle Transformation Head-On
Jobs for the Future (JFF) held the annual Student Success Center Network (SSCN) convening in Chicago, Illinois, where leaders from community college systems in 15 states gathered. Together with JFF, postsecondary leaders elevated awareness of…
November 1, 2023
Post The AI-Ready Workforce Report Finds Most Jobs Will Be Transformed, Not Displaced, by AI
New insights show boosting uniquely human skills with AI collaboration will be key for occupations across industries. In line with the Biden Administration’s executive order on AI calling for responsible, equitable innovation, the AI-Ready Workforce…
November 1, 2023
Post Toward the Big Blur: Momentum and Progress in Delaware
In this second in a series of case studies featuring leading-edge states, Jobs for the Future (JFF) highlights key policies and structures that Delaware is putting into place to erase the arbitrary boundaries between high…
October 31, 2023
Post To Make the Most of Credentials, We Need a Better Marketplace
Short-term training and education programs can play an important role in a skills-first economy, but the value of the credentials they lead to is often unclear. Marketplace improvements will help ensure that they fulfill their…
October 31, 2023
Post State Youth Labor Law and Workers’ Compensation Statute Table
This table is a comprehensive resource that describes the child labor laws and workers’ compensation statutes for each state. The information within this table is intended to help mitigate liability concerns related to youth employment.…
October 26, 2023
Post JFF Partners With Local Organizations Across the Deep South to Understand Black Learners and Worker Experiences With the Public Workforce System
With JFF support, workforce organizations are identifying community-based strategies for addressing systematic racial inequities and promoting stronger employment outcomes Efforts to close the wealth gap between Black and white Americans have long been impeded by…
October 23, 2023
Post JFF’s 2023 Impact Employer Summit
Our signature corporate event explores resilient talent practices that put equitable career advancement at the center of your business strategy. 
October 19, 2023