Lucretia Murphy

Lucretia Murphy, PhD, is a senior director at JFF, helping low-skilled adults advance to family-supporting careers while enabling employers to build and sustain a productive workforce. Lucretia's work focuses on place-based initiatives, developing integrated education and workforce development pathways that enable young people and adults to earn credentials that are in high demand in their local economy. This work also includes addressing structural barriers to success for individuals of low-income and of color. 

Prior to working for JFF, Lucretia was the executive director of the See Forever Foundation and Maya Angelou Schools. As executive director, she oversaw the operations of three schools—a middle school, high school, and school for young adults aged 16–24—that served young people either at risk of dropping out or who have already dropped out of school. In this role, Lucretia also served on policy and program committees with district agencies to develop policies to support the success of opportunity youth in Washington, DC. Prior to serving as executive director, Lucretia worked for JFF, advancing community efforts to improve outcomes for opportunity youth. She also did research and programming for the Kellogg Forum for Higher Education for the Public Good at the University of Michigan. 

Lucretia has a doctorate in higher education policy from the University of Michigan, a law degree from the University of Texas–Austin, and a bachelor's degree in international politics, law, and organization from Georgetown University.