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Juvenile Justice Reform: Federal Funding Opportunities

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This report is the second in a series designed to highlight potential ways for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to work more effectively with the federal government. The first report in this series, Maximizing Federal Support and Opportunity for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, examined a number of opportunities by which Massachusetts might work with the federal government to receive additional federal funding, more effectively utilize existing funding, or improve efficiencies in various state-federal partnerships. This report focuses solely on the juvenile justice system, which in Massachusetts is an intricate web of many stakeholders across several departments and functions in state government. At some point the legislature could decide to overhaul the juvenile justice system. In the meantime, the report focuses on four areas in which more federal funding can be secured or expenses can be reduced. It examines in how the Commonwealth can reform the juvenile justice system’s utilization of federal funding to achieve an outcome that will improve both the system and the lives of those going through it.

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