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We organize our work into three areas to help low-income youth & adults:


Driving the Direction of Transfer Pathways Reform

Dave Altstadt, with Gretchen Schmidt and Lara K. Couturier

Despite widely shared aspirations, the vast majority of community college students do not continue their studies at four-year colleges. In November 2013, Jobs for the Future convened higher education leaders and researchers to explore state-level policy strategies for restructuring community college in ways that enhance student progression through Associate's degree programs and into upper-tier university coursework. Building upon the convening, this policy brief sets out principles for how to approach transfer policy, advocating a three-legged stool approach that balances incentives, cross-institution convenings, and state-level activities and policies. The brief then describes four policy steps to design pathways that streamline entry and encourage progress toward completion of a two-year program of study, while also strengthening transitions to the university level with considerable academic credits toward a Bachelor’s degree.