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JFF WBL Bookshelf: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

June 19, 2020

At a Glance

Our favorite resources on diversity, equity, and inclusion in work-based learning from across the field.

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JFF’s bookshelf pulls together our favorite reads on apprenticeship and work-based learning from across the field. We’ll continue to update our bookshelves as new favorites emerge, so be sure to check back for the latest!

Work-Based Learning Can Advance Equity and Opportunity for America’s Young People

The Brookings Institution, November 2020

Educational and employment landscapes are riddled with inequities that routinely disadvantage young people who are Black, Latino or Hispanic, or low-income. The K-12 and postsecondary education systems are deeply stratified by race and class, and do not live up to the essential American goal of providing equal opportunity. When looking for work, young people who are poorly served by the educational system are plunged into a similarly stratified labor market, in which educational attainment and race are key markers. The COVID-19 pandemic has only amplified these existing inequalities. But these outcomes are not inevitable—they are the result of policy choices. And better policy choices can change them. In this report, The Brookings Institution envisions high-quality work-based learning as a lever to advance equity and economic opportunity for young people.

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Experts Examine Ways to Build Equity and Diversity in Manufacturing

Alliance for American Manufacturing, June 2020

Hear experts from The Century Foundation and the Urban Manufacturing Alliance in the webinar, “Pursuing Equity, Inclusion and Industrial Rebirth in the Age of COVID-19.” This event addressed several racial barriers in the manufacturing sector, including opportunities in education and workforce development programs, challenges with leadership in the workplace, and preparing for a new generation of diverse manufacturing workers.

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The Third Pillar of Apprenticeship: Integrating Diversity Across Illinois’ Apprenticeship System

Chicago Jobs Council and Young Invincibles, May 2020

This brief provides details for how leading state agencies can lead equitable expansion of apprenticeships.

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Principles for Equity in Apprenticeship

COWS at UW-Madison, November 2018

Equity in Apprenticeship is a report series from COWS at UW-Madison. It highlights programs that use apprenticeship to extend occupational opportunity to historically marginalized groups, especially people of color and women. The series consists of four case studies and an overview document with policy and practice principles for equity in apprenticeship.

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Becoming the United States of Opportunity: The Economic Equity and Growth Case for Apprenticeships

New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, October 2018

This report examines how apprenticeship programs can strengthen our economy and advance economic opportunity by connecting residents—particularly women and people of color—to living wage careers.

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The Apprenticeship Wage and Participation Gap

Center for American Progress, July 2018

Registered Apprenticeship programs aim to address wealth and skills gaps by training Americans for decent-paying jobs such as electricians, carpenters, and dental assistants. However, this report uncovers regional differences in apprenticeship programs that reinforce existing pay inequities based on geography, race, and gender.

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