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Unlocking Hidden Value

How Investing in Immigrant Talent Benefits Your Bottom Line

March 17, 2020

At a Glance

Companies that invest in developing entry- and mid-level talent from immigrant and refugee backgrounds increase business value and worker well-being at the same time. This report lays out the case for unlocking this population’s potential. Learn how to use JFF’s Impact Employer Framework to make strategic investments that benefit immigrant and refugee employees and your bottom line.

Laura Roberts Senior Director
Practices & Centers

For many of today’s Fortune 500 companies, hiring and retaining high-quality talent is a constant challenge, especially when it comes to entry- and mid-level positions.

Our country’s changing demographics, paired with an increasingly tight labor market, means that companies must develop new pools of talent—and clear career pathways—to meet their workforce needs.

Fortunately, a number of solutions are emerging that have the ability to benefit companies and workers alike. One solution that shows strong results is building underrepresented worker populations into your company’s talent strategy. These underleveraged groups include veterans, people with disabilities, young adults who are out of school and out of work, people formerly involved with the criminal justice system, and immigrants and refugees. Companies have historically undervalued these populations and underinvested in developing their talent—leaving both business and social value on the table.

Immigrants and refugees, for example, are a diverse and dynamic workforce that has the capacity to contribute vitally to individual companies and the economy. With their wide range of educational attainment, skills, and backgrounds, immigrants and refugees are well equipped for a variety of business roles.

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