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Accelerated and Efficient Pathways to Postsecondary Credentials With Labor Market Value

February 12, 2021

JFF calls on states to build accelerated and efficient pathways that provide all learners, especially members of underserved and underrepresented populations, with opportunities to acquire skills and credentials that are valued in the labor market. This brief is part of an 11-part series, State Policy Road Map for an Equitable Economic Recovery, which provides state policy solutions focused on people, places, and systems—with the goal of closing equity gaps and driving economic advancement for all.

Skills- and Competency-based Approaches to Education

JFF calls on states to build a skills-based education and employment infrastructure that embraces outcomes-focused innovations and recognizes people’s skills—no matter where or how they acquired those skills—as the principal measure of how much they’ve…

February 12, 2021

Integrating Learning and Work

JFF calls on states to support the integration of learning and work to provide people with real-world opportunities to apply lessons learned in classroom settings, build professional networks, earn money while they learn, and get…

February 12, 2021

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