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Monday August 4, 2014
Girl in library with books.
Mary Alice McCarthy has a great blog post on New America’s EdCentral discussing the new Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act and its support of using adult education funds for integrated education and training programs like I-BEST and Accelerating Opportunity. She also very rightly points out without the reinstatement of the Ability to Benefit provision of Pell, these integrated models will be very difficult to sustain and scale—federal adult education funds can barely meet the national need for literacy and numeracy education, much less vocational training. This is a challenge that the...
Tags: Career Pathways, Adult Basic Education
Monday March 31, 2014
Teacher working with a student
Persistence and completion are major topics in the community college world these days. The upcoming AACC Annual Convention, for example, has numerous sessions dedicated to advancing college completion and promoting student success. At Jobs for the Future, we recognize that support services play a critical role in student persistence and completion, and as such, many of our initiatives focus on building out comprehensive, coordinated support systems. Our recent publication, Promoting Persistence Through Comprehensive Supports, examines what it means for a college to think systemically about...
Tags: Adult Basic Education, Career and Technical Education
Tuesday October 15, 2013
Using Pell Grants to Pay for Remedial Courses
Fordham Institute Executive VP Michael Petrilli last week wrote an op-ed for Bloomberg View decrying the use of Pell Grants to pay for the remedial education courses needed by many students in preparation for taking community college classes: A huge proportion of this $40 billion annual federal investment is flowing to people who simply aren’t prepared to do college-level work. And this is perverting higher education’s mission, suppressing completion rates and warping the country’s K-12 system. What if the government decreed that three years hence, students would only be eligible for Pell...
Tags: Developmental Education
Thursday July 25, 2013
Thinking Big about Student Success
At Jobs for the Future, with our vision of doubling the number of low-income youth and adults who attain postsecondary credentials by 2020, we are very much aware of the importance of scaling up new approaches that effectively promote student success. We are trying to tackle large-scale problems, and to do so we need to seek out large-scale solutions. But what does it mean to take educational innovation to scale? What does the process look like? Over the past year, JFF has been investigating these questions, with a focus on community colleges; our latest publication, Thinking Big, is the...
Tags: Credentials, Developmental Education
Monday March 18, 2013
Accelerating Opportunity, Jobs for the Future’s multistate initiative to redesign Adult Basic Education (ABE), is entering its second year of implementation. Drawing on the findings of the Accelerating Opportunity evaluators (the Urban Institute) and our own experiences as the managing partner, we can reflect back on the design phase, from December 2010 to November 2011, and how that set the stage for rapidly implementing pathways to good jobs and family-sustaining wages in eight states. (Click here for more information on the details of the design stage.) Careful attention to design...
Tags: Adult Basic Education