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We organize our work into three areas to help low-income youth & adults:


Wednesday December 3, 2014
This post first appeared on Completion by Design's blog on November 20, 2014. Completion by Design is a five-year Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation signature initiative that works with community colleges to significantly increase completion and graduation rates for low-income students under 26. In my travels around the country, I often hear about the importance of policy. By policy, however, most of the time people are referring to “Big P” policy—laws on the books that mandate action in one direction, or appropriations that direct public funding. Legislative mandates, such as Connecticut’s...
Tags: Career Pathways
Monday October 14, 2013
Education pays. More specifically, the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree pays. That is the headline of the College Board’s new report, Education Pays 2013: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society. Increased levels of education are critical to our nation’s prosperity, civic life, and our future—no question. But this “more is better” message and the disproportionate focus on the BA degree in the public discourse on higher education elides the fact that there are subbaccaulareate (sub-BA) credentials that pay, too, such as industry-based certifications, postsecondary...
Tags: Credentials
Tuesday December 6, 2011
Only twenty-five out of one hundred students who take developmental education ever earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, a fact that is unlikely to change without more strategic use of state policy. Many community colleges are working to improve completion rates, but successful innovation typically happens in isolation. The lack of coordinated effort reflects that local, state, and national infrastructure for systemic improvement is not up to the challenge of graduating academically underprepared students. This is why the third component of the Developmental Education Initiative State...
Tags: Developmental Education