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Wednesday August 10, 2016
By guest
By Dana Coehlo Program Manager, Urban and Community Forestry, U.S. Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region This blog post is part of series by NatureWORKS, an initiative funded by the USDA Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program and The Kresge Foundation. After a devastating flood in 1965, Denver turned a keen eye toward the restoration of the South Platte River. The river topped its banks disastrously, causing 21 deaths and economic losses on the order of $543 million, more than $4 billion in today’s currency. This triggered long-delayed capital improvement and flood control...
Tags: Green Skills
Tuesday August 9, 2016
By guest
Originally posted in The Development Set on Medium July 28, 2016. By Richard V. Reeves, Brookings Institution Senior Fellow There is a real tension at the heart of contemporary philanthropy. The challenge is to make it a creative one. American philanthropy is experiencing cognitive dissonance. Some foundations are trying to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, very often using resources that can be seen as the result of forces that fuel inequality. The combined endowments of the wealthiest foundations amount to around $191 billion. That’s enough, roughly speaking, to cut a check for...
Tags: Summit, Economic Mobility
Wednesday August 3, 2016
This blog was authored by JFF's former CEO Marlene B. Seltzer. Like so many people across the country, I am saddened and enraged by the recent brutal violence and mass murders that have left our nation torn and deeply divided along race and class lines. From Orlando, Baton Rouge, and the Minneapolis area, to Dallas and Fort Myers, acts of violence, motivated by fear and hatred raise the question: How can the greatest democracy in the world possibly tolerate such injustice and what can we do, individually and collectively, to change the course of what will be a very ugly chapter in our...