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JFF WBL Bookshelf: Pre-Apprenticeship

Our favorite resources on pre-apprenticeship from across the field.

May 30, 2020

At a Glance

Our favorite resources on pre-apprenticeship from across the field.

JFF’s bookshelf pulls together our favorite reads on apprenticeship and work-based learning from across the field. We’ll continue to update our bookshelves as new favorites emerge, so be sure to check back for the latest!

Pre-Apprenticeship: Pathways for Women into High-Wage Careers

U.S. Department of Labor, April 2016

This 20-page guide provides information for community-based organizations and workforce providers considering pre-apprenticeship programs for women entering non-traditional occupations.

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Competency Models in Action: Manufacturing Program Aligns Pre-Apprenticeship with Industry Recognized Credentials

U.S. Department of Labor, January 2016

This is a case summary of New Century Careers’ Manufacturing 2000 (M2K) program serving unemployed and low-wage workers.

The M2K entry-level machining program, administered by the non-profit organization New Century Careers, is a pre-employment/pre-apprenticeship program that recruits unemployed, underemployed, and low-income individuals in southwestern Pennsylvania.

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