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Student Success Center Network Coaching Program: Facilitating Institutional Transformation

October 24, 2022

At a Glance

Coaches are trusted advisors, information conduits, sounding boards, and advocates who facilitate institutional change. This report summarizes findings from the first five years of the Student Success Center Network’s Coaching Program, focusing particularly on the most recent phase that engaged directly with Centers in four states (California, Michigan, New York, and Oregon). The report includes case studies that spotlight the work in each state, overviewing the coaching model, unique design elements, theory of change, and impact of coaching on college transformation efforts in that state. The report also identifies overarching lessons learned and highlights opportunities for future work.

Tara Smith Director
Jessica Soja Senior Program Manager
Lia Wetzstein, Director, Community College Research Initiatives
Katie Kovacich, Research Project Manager, Community College Research Initiatives
Hector Torres, Intern, JFF
Practices & Centers