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New Skills at Work

July 16, 2018

At a Glance

Communities across the US are working to rebuild their economies and seeing signs of success, but persistent challenges remain. These reports on the New Skills at Work initiative offer specific steps to develop career pathways systems.

Reports developed by Jobs for the Future for JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Communities across the United States are working to rebuild their economies and seeing signs of success, but persistent challenges remain. Millions of Americans remain unemployed, while employers in key sectors can’t find workers with the skills they need. Helping people develop the skills to start family-supporting careers in high-demand industries is the key both to individual financial security and regional economic strength.

The $250 million New Skills at Work initiative, created and funded by JPMorgan Chase & Co., is a five-year effort to help metro regions build workforce training systems that better align with the needs of local employers and job seekers. As a national partner, Jobs for the Future is developing a series of reports examining the labor market in nine U.S. cities and providing data-driven solutions to help prepare youth and adults for careers in high-demand, middle-skill occupations.

These reports offer specific steps that regional policymakers, community colleges, training providers, and employers can take to develop a demand-driven system of career pathways that will fill these critical middle-skill jobs, strengthen economies, and increase economic mobility for local residents.

Los Angeles Skills Gap

The Los Angeles report focuses on the health care and global trade & logistics sectors.

Overview of Los Angeles
Strengthening Los Angeles: Building a Middle-Skill Workforce to Sustain Economic Growth and Expand Opportunity (Full Report)

San Francisco Skills Gap

This report reveals that the San Francisco Bay Area has rebounded from the recession with robust job growth and low unemployment, a highly educated workforce and thriving large employers.

Overview of San Francisco
Strengthening the Bay Area: Building a Middle-Skill Workforce to Sustain Economic Growth and Expand Opportunity (Full Report)

Chicago Skills Gap

The Chicago metropolitan region’s economy is gaining momentum and is soon projected to recover all jobs lost over the previous decade. This report analyzes regional labor market information and finds that nearly 28,000 new well-paying middle-skill jobs are projected to open up in the Chicago region every year through 2019.

Overview of Chicago
Growing Skills for a Growing Chicago: Strengthening the Middle-Skill Workforce in the City That Works (Full Report)

Detroit Skills Gap

The Detroit report reveals that, after suffering severe job losses from the decline of the auto industry and feeling the effects of the city’s bankruptcy, the regional economy is stabilizing and employment is growing again.

Overview of Detroit
Driving Opportunity in Detroit: Building a Middle-Skill Workforce to Strengthen Economic Recovery and Expand the Middle Class (Full Report)

Columbus Skills Gap

The Columbus report focuses on the health care and insurance sectors.

Overview of Columbus
Skills in Demand: Building a Middle-Skill Workforce to Grow the Columbus Economy (Full Report)

Dallas Skills Gap

The Dallas report focuses on health care and information technology sectors.

Overview of Dallas
Strengthening Dallas-Fort Worth: Building a Middle-Skill Pipeline to Sustain Economic Growth and Expand Opportunity (Full Report)

Houston Skills Gap

The Houston report focuses on the petrochemical and commercial/industrial construction industries.

Overview of Houston
Preparing Houston to Skill Up: Addressing the Skills Mismatch to Meet Employer Demand in High-Growth Industries (Full Report)

Miami Skills Gap

The Miami report focuses on increasing opportunities in the information technology and trade & logistics sectors

Overview of Miami
Trading on Innovation to Expand Opportunity: Building a strong middle-skill workforce to enhance economic growth (Full Report)

New York Skills Gap

The New York City report reveals the increasing opportunities for middle-skill jobseekers in the health care and technology sectors.

Overview of New York
Closing the Skills Gap: Preparing New Yorkers for HIgh-Growth, High-Demand, Middle-Skill Jobs (Full Report)

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