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Early College High School Is Changing Students’ Lives and Futures in Lawrence, Massachusetts

November 12, 2021

At a Glance

Hundreds of students at Lawrence High School in Massachusetts are getting a head start on their college careers, thanks to an innovative model that helps students prepare for and earn college degrees while in high school.

Nancy Hoffman Senior Advisor
Joanna Mawhinney
Anna O'Connor Senior Director

About This Report

This report demonstrates the success of the early college high school program at Lawrence High School. It has improved outcomes for participants, significantly increasing the chances that they will enter college right after high school and earn a degree. While no single educational intervention is a panacea, early college deserves to be scaled—in Lawrence and across Massachusetts.

The success of Lawrence’s early college program is ultimately possible because a well-staffed and collaborative team of educators are leveraging their expertise and commitment to students to make the ambitious dream a reality. The early college team does the daily work of running the program with an eye toward immediate identification of potential stumbling blocks for students and the capacity to respond rapidly with effective solutions.

In addition, its work has always been unfailingly championed by district, school, and college leaders engaged in the partnership. The bottom line is that students trust the adults around them to provide guidance and feedback and to have their backs at every step of their way toward a college degree.

Education Powerhouse Series

This report is part of a series that highlights promising practices from and the early impact of the Massachusetts Early College Initiative.


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