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The Entrepreneurs Paving New Paths to Technology Careers

December 14, 2022

At a Glance

JFFLabs features a new cohort of entrepreneurs at the cutting edge market trends and business-aligned social impact.

Lauren Iannito, Director, JFFLabs
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JFFLabs Entreprenur Acceleration
We work with mission-aligned entrepreneurs and companies to accelerate and scale new models and technology-based solutions.
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New technologies are constantly on the horizon and digitalization will be a source and driver of transformational change across all industries. To prepare all workers and learners to develop the emerging skills and experiences that will help them succeed in this landscape, Jobs for the Future (JFF) has partnered with Cognizant Foundation to launch a new cohort of entrepreneurs focused on developing innovative ways for people to enter and succeed in technology careers.

This latest cohort of entrepreneurs is rethinking accessibility and inclusion, and finding unique ways for people from all backgrounds to build skills and connect with career opportunities.

Current Innovators

Meet our newest innovators who are building companies to help people find and thrive in technology careers.

The JFFLabs’ Entrepreneurs in Residence program is designed to be a launchpad for social entrepreneurs who will generate and validate solutions to address persistent workforce, education, and learning challenges. ​​The program coaches entrepreneurs and helps them highlight their value proposition, build an effective sales strategy, and connect with JFF subject matter experts who can help them achieve next level success.​

For years, JFFLabs has worked with mission-aligned entrepreneurs and companies to accelerate and scale new models and technology-based solutions. Past cohorts have focused on work-based learning, assessment technology, immersive learning, and career navigation.

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Driving innovation through insights, incubation, and investment. New technologies and models are radically transforming our workforce and education systems. These shifts create opportunity but also risk reinforcing systemic inequities. Promising solutions that maximize learner opportunity…