Representatives Discuss Best Practices for a 21st-Century Workforce in Apprenticeship Briefing on Capitol Hill


Supporting Community College Delivery of Apprenticeships

As part of a recent expansion of apprenticeship, community colleges have emerged as a natural partner to help with the goals of broadening the roles of apprenticeship partners and increasing college-credit earned through apprenticeships. While colleges have established new programs and taken on new apprenticeship roles, little has been documented or tracked at a national level. What do community colleges know about apprenticeship and what questions remain? How are they already involved? What innovative practices should be shared with community colleges new to apprenticeship?

The U.S. Department of Labor's Registered Apprenticeship Program Works for Employers and Workers

This week has been proclaimed by President Trump, like President Obama before him, as National Apprenticeship Week. Across the nation, there are approximately 1,000 events and ceremonies honoring and recognizing the successes of the U.S. Department of Labor's Registered Apprenticeship programs for both employers and workers. Almost all ceremonies will honor Registered Apprenticeship programs.


What We Know About Equity and Diversity in Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship has a track record of success in advancing the careers of workers, but it has historically been, and continues to be, less accessible to women, people of color, and youth. This brief synthesizes and outlines what we know about challenges to achieving equity for underrepresented populations. It introduces several ideas that have proven successful in building connections into apprenticeship through recruitment, preparation, and retention activities. It also serves as a gateway to further research.


Pre-Apprenticeship Partnerships at CVS Health: An Employer's Perspective

For over 10 years, CVS Health (CVSH) has addressed the issue of recruiting and retaining technical talent, in part, through the use of apprenticeships. This track record makes CVSH among the most experienced and active employer sponsors of apprenticeship programs within nontraditional occupations in the United States. CVSH has begun developing pre-apprenticeship programs in order to diversify its talent pipeline and build a pool of trained, qualified applicants ready to enter its apprenticeship programs.


Making Apprenticeship Work for Opportunity Youth

Young people who are out of school and unemployed need substantial preparation and supports in order to get and keep a job. Pre-apprenticeships, as well as similar work-based learning models, designed for these opportunity youth can provide an effective on ramp to good jobs by offering technical training with hands-on work experience. These programs can also connect opportunity youth to apprenticeships, an entry point to highly skilled jobs that pay well and don’t typically require a college degree.


Getting Started with Pre-Apprenticeship: Partnerships

Pre-apprenticeship prepare women, people of color, and other underrepresented populations to enter and succeed in an apprenticeship program. They are helping expand access to apprenticeship and diversify the talent pipeline of skilled workers across a variety of industries that need skilled workers in entry-level jobs. For employers, pre-apprenticeships provide screened, trained employees who are ready to work, saving time and money in recruiting and training, and reducing turnover rates.

For Registered Apprenticeship to be the gold standard workforce program, it's time to address equity


Over the last three years, U.S. employers have added over 150,000 new Registered apprentices, and the federal government has invested an unprecedented $265 million to add thousands more over in the near future. This tried and true training model is now being expanded in more than 1,000 different industries and transformed into an innovative approach being put to the test in classrooms, labs, and boardrooms throughout the country.

For those who have the opportunity to participate in one of these programs, it works.  

In Support of Apprenticeships

Reimagining a Tried and True Strategy to Strengthen the Fabric of American Manufacturing


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