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  • Deeper Learning Research Series

    New Series Reports

    The Students at the Center Deeper Learning Research Series has released two reports on rethinking "readiness." Let’s Get Real: Deeper Learning and the Power of the Workplace explores work as a powerful means for deeper learning in schools and calls for U.S. high schools to incorporate gradual exposure to the workplace in student experience. Civic Education and Deeper Learning calls upon high-quality civics education as a way to create challenging, collaborative, and engaging experiences for students.

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  • Policy Meets Pathways

    State and national leaders need to “put efforts to bolster completion on a new trajectory” by analyzing the extent to which policies support the colleges that are trying to do right by their students, and then redesigning policy environments to help institutions introduce comprehensive and integrated reform strategies that change every aspect of what they do. This report identifies specific strategies for states to follow.

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  • High School Graduate, College Study Group, Policymaker, Construction Worker

    Who Is Jobs for the Future?

    The mission of JFF is to ensure that all lower-income young people and workers have the skills and credentials needed to succeed in our economy. Our vision is for the promise of education and economic mobility in America to be achieved for everyone. For 30 years, we have helped employers find skilled workers, and workers move into higher-wage jobs through education and training programs. We are a Boston-based nonprofit working in over 100 communities nationwide.

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  • Employer Engagement

    A Resource Guide to Engaging Employers

    This resource guide presents working models of successful employer engagement and lessons for securing and sustaining partnerships with employers. It was written to help education and training providers fully realize the value of strategic, long-term, and intensive partnerships with employers. The resource leads readers thorugh a continuum of activities supporting these partnerships, with each level involving deeper engagement and integration of employers into the work
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  • Gina Burkhardt

    Introducing our New CEO

    JFF is proud to introduce our new president and CEO, Gina Burkhardt. After an extensive search, the Board of Directors unanimously selected Gina, who impressed us with her leadership experience, as well as her extensive knowledge of the education field and understanding of the workforce issues facing our country. It was clear to everyone involved in the search process that Gina has the experience, skills, knowledge, and vision to lead JFF toward even greater impact.
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