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Impact Stories

JFFLabs Work-Based Learning Impact Accelerator

October 4, 2018

The American talent landscape has reached a critical moment. Employers are competing for talent like never before, and workers are calling for training that secures and advances quality careers.

In the retail and service sectors in particular, developing opportunities for frontline talent is critical to staying competitive in industries where disruption is causing employers to reimagine talent strategies. Meanwhile, workers face a conundrum: relevant work experience is required for many jobs but is difficult or impossible to obtain without being in the workplace.

To address this challenge, we launched the first JFFLabs Acceleration cohort. This cohort is supported in partnership with JFF’s Center for Apprenticeship & Work-Based Learning.

During the four-month program, cohort members received tailored support and opportunities uncommon among other startup accelerators. The companies worked with members of JFF and JFFLabs networks to develop and scale their solutions to new markets. Through this work, we aimed to demonstrate the value of each solution while providing immediate benefits to workers, employers, and system stakeholders.

Catalyte is a leading work-based learning and apprenticeship model that drives outcomes for students, workers, and businesses.

With Catalyte, JFF built awareness and established broad multifaceted relationships with relevant prospects and partners, specifically in Chicago to support frontline retail worker advancement, impacting the lives of more than 1000 workers over the next four years.

LaunchPath’s platform connects community college and high school students with work-based learning opportunities.

With LaunchPath, JFF developed a strategic action plan that improves market engagement, revenue model, and product roadmap.

Nepris connects educators and learners with a network of industry professionals, virtually, bringing real-world relevance and career exposure to all students.

With Nepris, JFF opened new channel partnerships with retail industry leaders as well as public workforce system operators and service providers, opening opportunities for impact.

Real World Scholars (RWS) built a platform and community that connects education to the world of work through entrepreneurship.

With RWS, JFF worked with company leaders to refine pricing, operations model, and product onboarding strategy.

Work-based learning ensures workers complete meaningful job tasks in a work environment where they can develop knowledge and skills that support entry or advancement in a particular career field.

At its best, work-based learning provides on-the-job opportunities and real-world experience that open career advancement pathways for low-income and lower-skilled workers, who all too often lack equitable access to high-quality training and work experiences.

For more on work-based learning, visit JFF’s Center for Apprenticeship and Work-Based Learning.

The Work-Based Learning Market

Promising Trends and Challenges in Work-Based Learning: A Market Scan of Organizations and Tools

What we have had the chance to do with JFFLabs is really to look at what are the groups that we have been working with, what are the market strategies, and how can those get amplified.

Tim Aldinger, Executive Director, LaunchPath & Workforce Development at the Foundation for California Community Colleges.

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