The ETF@JFFLabs impact fund invests in innovative tech-based solutions that support the more than 75 million American adults who struggle to find meaningful employment.

Our Opportunity

Millions of adults struggle to succeed in the American labor market.

For these individuals—many of whom are women, people of color, and immigrants—barriers to skill development and employment opportunities inhibit their economic security and mobility. ETF@JFFlabs is committed to reimagining a more inclusive future of work—a future where technology is used to increase access to learning, employment, and economic mobility for all adults. We support promising entrepreneurs who are developing technology solutions to train and upskill low-income and low- and middle-skill adults and connect them to employment opportunities. ETF@JFFLabs works closely with the companies in which it invests to offer them flexible capital tailored to their business models and objectives.




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ETF@JFFLabs Impact Report


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ETF is seeding investments in companies that have the potential to tackle this challenge head-on, in ways that can help close persistent skill and talent gaps. They’ve found a great strategic partner in the team at JFF.

Ryan Craig, managing director at University Ventures



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