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In this self-paced, online training course, you will decide whether to design your Registered Apprenticeship with an approach that advances apprentices based on their time learning, competencies learned, or a combination of the two.

Published mar. 24, 2021


Registered Apprenticeships come in a variety of forms: those based on seat time, those based on competencies, and those based on both. This course will help you understand the similarities and differences in these approaches, as well as help you choose the right model to fit your needs.

This course is led by Kinsey Mantay, a project manager with expertise in workforce development, competency-based education, and design. Mantay worked to develop, launch, and promote innovative approaches to apprenticeship at the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan.

Course Overview

Registered Apprenticeship programs allow for variations to suit the needs of employers. One early decision point in program development is to choose how apprentices progress through the program. This can be based on seat time, the ability to demonstrate competencies, or on both.

Why is this Course Important

Hybrid and competency-based apprenticeships provide an alternative to the traditional, time-based approach. These models have the potential to meet the needs of a broader set of employers and to train a wider range of participants.

What You Will Learn in this Course

  • What time-based, hybrid, and competency-based apprenticeship programs are.
  • What these models look like in practice.
  • How to choose the right approach for your needs.

Who Should Take this Course

  • Employers, nonprofits, high schools, community colleges, and others thinking about setting up and registering a youth or adult apprenticeship program.
  • Intermediaries interested in helping employers or other apprenticeship sponsors design and register an apprenticeship program.

Course requires a free registration.

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