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The Next-Gen IMT Apprenticeship: A Return on Investment Study

This study measures the business impact of the Industrial Manufacturing Technician Registered Apprenticeship program on six apprenticeship sponsors. Apprenticeships are drastically underutilized as a standard part of the development and training of the American workforce.…

July 31, 2020

Growing Equity and Diversity Through Apprenticeship: Business Perspectives

More than 20 leading employers and industry associations share strategies for making apprenticeship programs more accessible to people from underrepresented populations. Despite the ongoing evolution of apprenticeship programs, there have been concerns that not all…

September 3, 2019

4 Strategies for Incorporating Equity and Diversity in Your Apprenticeship Program

This brief pulls up 4 approaches businesses are using to increase equity and diversity in their apprenticeship programs. This brief pulls up 4 approaches businesses are using to increase equity and diversity in their apprenticeship…

September 3, 2019
Case Study

Always Growing and Learning: Press Operator Explains The Value Of The IMT Apprenticeship

The AFL-CIO Working for America Institute, in partnership with the Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership/BIG STEP and JFF, developed the Industrial Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship. Its impact is showcased in this profile of a participant in the…

July 5, 2018
Case Study

Apprentice to Journey Worker: First IMT Registered Apprentice Transforms Her Career

With support from WRTP/ BIG STEP and JFF, manufacturing employers have transformed the skills of their workforce with apprenticeship programs like the Industrial Manufacturing Technician Registered Apprenticeship. “It’s all about self-growth. If a person is…

June 12, 2018

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