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Worker-Led Research Yields a New Framework for Assessing Job Quality

Worker-Led Research Yields a New Framework for Assessing Job Quality

July 12, 2021

At a Glance

JFF and Turning Basin Labs are engaged in a multiphase initiative to identify and invest in high road employment models in California. This update documents the results of Phase 1 of this project, which include the worker-led development of a new framework for assessing job quality and an interactive tool that employers can use to design rewarding and fulfilling jobs that reflect worker experiences and perspectives.

Molly Dow Senior Program Manager
Alison Schmitt Associate Director
Stephen Bediako, Managing Director, Turning Basin Labs
Lamar Bursey Worker-Researcher, Turning Basin Labs
Elsa Guerra Garcia Worker-Researcher, Turning Basin Labs
Leneka Pendergrass Worker-Researcher, Turning Basin Labs
Marti Shaw Worker-Researcher, Turning Basin Labs
Danny Spitzberg Lead Researcher, Turning Basin Labs
Practices & Centers
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