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#JobsReport Twitter Talk

At a Glance

Friday, September 7 is Jobs Day, when the US monthly employment report is released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For September’s Jobs Day we’re reshaping the conversation to talk about wages.
Date September 7, 2018
8:00am to 9:00am
Location @JFFTweets on Twitter
#JobsReport Twitter Talk

Despite a growing economy, many Americans are seeing their contributions met with flat or declining real wages. For the US to continue to thrive, it must be possible for everyone to secure a piece of the American dream.

Wages rarely come up in the conversation about jobs and the unemployment rate. Today, there are millions of lower- and middle-income workers who haven’t seen their pay increase in four decades. What good is a job if it doesn’t provide a living wage?

This month, JFF is changing the conversation about the jobs report to include a discussion about wages, too. When the monthly jobs report is released on September 7, we’re taking to Twitter to host an online discussion about jobs, wages, wage stagnation, and how flat wages hurt all of us. As part of the Twitter chat, we will also provide more information on JFFLabs’ $1 Billion Wage Gain Challenge, an ideation competition to raise the annual wages of at least 100,000 workers by $10,000 or more by 2021.