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Horizons 2024 –The Power of Us

At a Glance

Horizons is where we find The Power of Us to collectively work towards our North Star.

Horizons is where learners, workers, educators, employers, and leaders from across our ecosystem come together to drive equitable economic advancement for all.

Join us at our annual summit, where we center inclusivity and accessibility to bring everyone to the table.
Date July 22 - July 23, 2024
Location Marriott Marquis Washington, DC
901 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001



Our Convening and Leadership Superpower  

Horizons is where learners, workers, educators, employers, and leaders from across the learn-and-work ecosystem come together to drive equitable economic advancement for all. It’s where we explore the newest ideas for transforming the field—and center the voices of the people most impacted by the transformation. At Horizons, we recognize the issues that might divide us, and commit to hearing each other’s stories and finding a path toward collaboration. 


[If] we want to tackle a problem, it is better that we do it not in a silo and in isolation, but that we bring our forces together to truly have an impact on people’s lives.

Valerie Jarrett, Horizons 2023

At a time of political division across our country, we take a nonpartisan approach that emphasizes results. As Washington State Rep. Greg Cheney said at the 2023 summit: “Lasting policy generally tends to be bipartisan. That doesn’t mean everybody gets what they want; it means everybody’s sitting around a table finding solutions.” For the learn-and-work ecosystem, Horizons sets that table for everyone working to achieve equitable economic advancement for all. 

The Dialogue Starts Today! 

Our conversation starts long before the national summit, with insightful commentary on top issues. 

Horizons Podcast

Hosted by Tameshia Bridges Mansfield, JFF’s vice president for Workforce and Regional Economies, each episode revisits and builds upon a Horizons summit plenary session with insight from topical experts.


Horizons: On the Record

Learn about the major issues confronting the learn-to-work ecosystem. Co-hosts Kristina Francis, executive director of JFFLabs, and David Soo, vice president of Strategic Engagements, visit communities across the United States to bring us a quarterly broadcast about key opportunities and challenges on the road to progress featuring experts, learners, and workers.


Horizons Blog

Explore how leaders across the education, workforce, philanthropy, and policy landscapes can prepare for the jobs of the future today.

Stay engaged and share your insights.
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