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Our Education & Workforce Solutions

We design workforce solutions, scale best practices, influence policy and action, and invest in innovations that create learner and worker opportunity, strengthen education and career navigation, ensure program quality and efficacy, integrate learning and work, and build strong regional economies.

What We Do

Design Solutions

We test and develop innovative ideas. Working with stakeholders from across the ecosystem, we bring evidence-based models and solutions to life.

Scale Best Practices

We advance bold solutions that work. We help leaders connect, learn from one another, and implement these solutions. We curate solutions that have potential to grow, and leverage our national networks of leaders to drive change in systems and distribute tools, resources and strategies.

Influence Policy and Action

We shape public policy and employer practice that strengthens the labor market at the federal, state, and local levels and drive the conversation for education, workforce, and industry leadership nationwide.

Invest in Innovation

We incubate and invest in dynamic approaches to longstanding problems. We deploy capital and re-grant resources to generate new solutions, accelerate innovation, and drive impact.

We deliver market insights on disruptive innovation and incubate new workforce solutions

JFFLabs is Jobs for the Future’s innovation lab—we catalyze new ways to achieve our mission at JFF and with our partners. We do this through:

    • Insights: Identifying and publishing rapid and emerging trends and stories about innovations and solutions.
    • Incubation Providing strategy, piloting, and business support to innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses as they look to scale ideas to sustainable operations.
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Our North Star

Our goal is to align education, workforce, and employment changemakers toward a shared North Star:

In 10 years, 75 million people facing systemic barriers to advancement will work in quality jobs.

quality job provides not just a living wage and benefits but also stability, flexibility, autonomy, and economic advancement.

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We invest in new technologies that build a more inclusive future of work.

JFFVentures is building a future where innovative products and solutions give everyone increased access to learning, employment, and economic advancement. We do this through:

    • Connections: Our network of forward-thinking corporate leaders is committed to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and deepen their impact.
    • Community: Our portfolio companies are part of a community of impact-oriented leaders focused on creating opportunity for learners and workers.
    • Investments: Our investments in early-stage companies and entrepreneurs help build inclusive technology solutions.
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