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7 Reasons Companies Should Use the Purdue Cyber Apprenticeship Program to Hire Their Future Workforce

November 8, 2020

At a Glance

Purdue University’s Cyber Apprenticeship Program (P-CAP) provides the skills and credentials workers need to become a cybersecurity expert for your workplace.

JFF is proud to be joining with FASTPORT to support Purdue University’s Cyber Apprenticeship Program (P-CAP). Funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, P-CAP focuses on developing cybersecurity and leadership skills and includes mentorship, recruitment, and retention services. Upon completion of the apprenticeship program, students can earn industry badges, a one-year certificate, an associate degree in IT support and cybersecurity or computer science, a bachelor of science degree in computer and information science majoring in cybersecurity, or a master of science degree in cybersecurity and trusted systems.

Below are some of the top reasons any company should consider getting involved in P-CAP’s high-quality cybersecurity apprenticeships:

1. You need these professionals.

By 2021, an organization will fall victim to ransomware every 11 seconds.

“The need is now—it’s 10 minutes ago. . . . Now we have very small companies, municipalities, small trucking companies, logistics, that are held hostage. It’s such a changing environment that it requires a dedicated, trained, educated force.” Dave Harrison, National Director of Apprenticeship, FASTPORT

2. It’s built around your needs.

This is not a one-size-fits-all program. At the outset, you’ll sit down with P-CAP experts to discuss your specific organizational needs and work hand in hand to design a custom apprenticeship.

“We had no less than four discussions on curriculum, and tailoring that curriculum to meet the needs of the students and the command here at Crane.” Larry Fink, Division Manager, Special Warfare Expeditionary Systems, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division

3. Get early access to talent.

Job postings for cybersecurity professionals—already a competitive venture for top talent—increased 20 percent during the first stages of the COVID pandemic.

“There are far more openings than there are qualified people, and that’s not going to change in the next 10 to 15 years. The demand is so high that you really have to start building those relationships early on. . . . The apprenticeship allows companies to do a test-drive with the students, and vice versa.” Marc Rogers, Professor, Executive Director of Cybersecurity Programs, Purdue Polytechnic Institute

4. Improve retention.

Apprenticeship helps to build a positive, loyal relationship between a company and an employee. At the conclusion of a program, 94 percent of apprentices stay with their employers.

“That is cost savings. That’s ROI.” Dave Harrison, National Director of Apprenticeship, FASTPORT

5. Gain access to a diverse talent pool.

As an earn-and-learn program, apprenticeship opens access to a talent pool that can often be shut out of the traditional four-year degree education path.

“26 percent of the people who are waiting to be hired are women. Approximately 38 percent are African American.” Geanie Umberger, Executive Director, P-CAP

6. It’s high-caliber training.

An apprenticeship allows participants to learn skills through academic instruction and immediately begin to apply them on the job—leading to better retention and understanding of the material.

“We have the rigor and the education and faculty that are going to teach at the level industry needs.” Doreen Gonzalez-Gaboyan, Assistant Director for Women and Minority Engagement, P-CAP

7. Support and assistance is available.

The team at P-CAP aims to make this process as easy as possible for employers. They will help you complete the necessary paperwork and even submit it for you. They will be your guides and coaches along every step to ensure the apprenticeship is a successful and streamlined part of your business.

“We as a company did nothing. Purdue University is the one that did all the heavy lifting.” Patricia Herndon, Department Director for the Expeditionary Warfare Department, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division

Interested in learning more?

Visit the P-CAP website, or get started right away by reaching out to FASTPORT President Brad Bentley.

Learn more about these and other program benefits with P-CAP’s series of videos.

The Purdue Cyber Apprenticeship Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration Federal Award Id. No. HG-33038-19-60-A-18, CFDA #: 17.268-H-1B Job Training Grants.

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