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JFF designs place-based strategies to advance economic opportunity for Californians through activation of cross-sector networks and an unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.




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Inequities that divide California are multifaceted. The effects are visible in education, earnings, and health, and vary between county, town, and neighborhood clusters. In the context of a dramatic restructuring of the labor market, leaders must work together across systems in new ways to address the full spectrum of needs within each region and create real opportunities for all Californians.

JFF brings an array of resources to a holistic place-based effort to transform California’s workforce, education, and employment systems and produce more equitable outcomes for Californians. We are focused on improving employment terms and conditions, transforming learning environments, and cultivating the ecosystems and capacity needed in California to improve education and workforce systems.

At the core of our work are four objectives we believe are critical to building a new generation of education and workforce systems designed for the future of learning and work:

Employment—Ensure that state and employer investments in the current and future workforce promote equitable access to living-wage incomes, establish respectful working conditions for the new economy, and support the ongoing learning and upskilling required in a learning economy

Leadership—Increase the number of state, regional, and local leaders who have the cross-sector, systems, and change management skills needed to lead in the new economy and who understand and advance strategies for equitable economic outcomes.

Systems—Incorporate new methods, models, and paradigms and expand cross-sector partnerships to disrupt and restructure California’s education and workforce organizations and systems to ensure viability, competitiveness, and success in the new learning economy.

Narrative—Change historic and static mainstream narratives that perpetuate cycles of poverty and marginalization and hold systems in the status quo. Expose structural inequities and reveal the shifts that will be required to sustain a thriving and productive workforce in the new learning economy.

Our Work

Future Ready Leadership Network

JFF convenes the California Future Ready Leadership Network, which is made up of regional and state leaders who are committed to advancing economic mobility for their communities. This network focuses on upskilling key system leaders and building a regional ecosystem of talent that is capable of designing and implementing programs for sustained scale through cross-sector collaboration and mobilization of regional networks.

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