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JFF works with companies to help them solve pressing business challenges in a way that’s good for workers, communities, and the bottom line.





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  • Meeting Employer Needs
  • Preparing for the Future of Work
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The future of work is here. Is your company ready?

We partner with companies to help them achieve their business objectives while investing in the well-being and advancement of their workers and communities.

How you can engage:

  1. Tap into the experience of our Corporate Action Platform. Connect with our network of leading companies that prioritize their workers alongside strong business performance. Access best practices, thought leadership, and other curated resources. Receive invitations to convenings focused on high-demand topics.
  2. Get customized support from our Corporate Advisory Services. Connect with our team of experts. We help companies design and implement strategies that enhance business performance while advancing the well-being of employees and communities.

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Our team is made up of individuals who are experts in the fields of education, technology, workforce, human capital, economic development, and corporate consulting. Together, we bring a diverse set of experiences and skills that amplify the guidance we can offer corporate partners, ensuring that the impact is felt across workers, businesses, and communities.

Recover Stronger Initiative

We’re bringing together America’s largest companies in a shared commitment to business values and practices that prioritize the economic well-being and mobility of their people.

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