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We provide custom services and user-friendly tech tools to help students find a career pathway that suits their interests and fills regional employer needs.




Areas of Work
  • Ensuring Equity in Advancement
  • Meeting Employer Needs
  • Preparing for the Future of Work
Experts Involved
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  • RI
  • NY
  • MD
  • ME
  • GA
  • NJ
  • DC
  • CA


Best Bet Services provide youth, teachers and counselors, school districts, community colleges, and community-based organizations with the tools to make stronger connections with career pathways and programs of study that align student interests and regional employment needs—what we call a Best Bet.

Through our Best Bet Services, students, educators, and counselors are empowered to:

  • Analyze labor market data
  • Unpack the complex postsecondary program entry and enrollment process
  • Expand their employer network
  • Hone job search skills

A Best Bet

is a postsecondary program that is grounded in student career interests, with strong retention rates, and has evidence of high job placement and career advancement potential.


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