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Workforce development boards help more than 15 million Americans each year. AWAKE informs how boards use data, tech, and best practices as they face the future of work.




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What is the Advanced Workforce Analytics and Knowledge Exchange?

AWAKE is a powerful new initiative dedicated to organizing and reporting on the collective activities of a national network of workforce organizations. The initiative is dedicated to better understanding the efforts, inputs, and impact of workforce boards and American Job Centers in their communities. 

It will research, examine, measure, and rank local efforts across the country that bridge policy, programmatic innovation, and the use of data and technology within the existing workforce system.

What Problem Are We Trying to Solve?

The effectiveness of the current workforce marketplace can be debated, and it certainly varies from community to community and from industry to industry, but we have seen traditional forms of governing and social-systems planning outpaced by a rapidly changing world. The existing workforce system must become a more efficient, life-giving infrastructure that ensures our future economic success.

As workforce professionals, we need better strategies to effectively communicate our value add, while continuously improving the services we provide to the employer community and to the 15 million people who walk through the doors of American Job Centers every year.

Key Research and Points of Discovery

It Starts with Asking the Right Questions 

JFF and NAWB have a long track record of promoting programmatic innovations and pushing for progressive workforce policies, and through the recently announced JFFLabs, these leading organizations will bridge that expertise with new opportunities.

Through this initiative, a set of general research questions will be explored to help identify:

  • How we might better vet potential new frameworks to pilot
  • How we might integrate technology into existing workforce programming
  • How better reporting and data systems could inform our work at the federal, state, and local policy levels

Interested in further exploring these questions, sharing what makes your work special, and connecting to others doing similar work across the workforce system? Please email  AWAKE’s Josh Copus to learn more about how to get involved in the initiative.