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Workforce boards support 15 million Americans each year. JFF provides insights and advice to workforce leaders as they navigate change.




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The future of work is now, and many workforce boards are aggressively pursuing greater efficiency, building better technology, and improving data analysis and guidance.

Led by workforce professionals, local workforce boards and American Job Centers (AJCs) are finding innovative ways to meet the diverse needs of today’s workers and emerging industries. They’re adapting and expanding their roles in preparing people for future learning and work opportunities.

JFF's AWAKE (Advanced Workforce Analytics and Knowledge Exchange) team partners with workforce boards, AJCs, and innovative entrepreneurs and investors to offer a responsive, comprehensive, and effective source of support for workers as they navigate complex career challenges.

To expand the potential of workforce systems, we support organizations and communities as they evolve and grow and help them respond to change in the following ways.

How Workforce Boards Show The Way Toward The Future Of Work

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How Workforce Boards Show the Way Toward the Future of Work

Four behaviors and characteristics that define some of the country’s most future-focused workforce organizations.

What We Do


Partnerships and Streamlined Service

Expanding reach and influence through diversified funding and partnerships.


Data Collection and Analysis

Building data literacy, capability, and capacity to make information more accessible.


Transformative Technology

Creating more responsive and adaptable organizations through improved tools and technology.


Human-Centered Policies, Procedures, and Products

Adapting operations and service to improve organizational performance and people’s lives.

Why Workforce Boards

The opportunity to drive impact at scale with workforce boards is primed. This locally-driven system is comprised of 550 local workforce boards and more than 2,500 AJCs. It provides public and private sector leaders with the opportunity to design programs and deploy funding to meet the specific needs of their regional labor markets, which can vary greatly within a state and across county lines. Workforce boards support the activities of industry sectors, education providers, and local school districts to respond to varied and evolving community needs.

How Workforce Boards Show The Way Toward The Future Of Work

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AWAKE has identified the ingredients of innovation in the workforce system and is best positioned to support workforce leaders in their digital transformation efforts.

Ron Painter, president and CEO, National Association of Workforce Boards

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