Possible Futures Curriculum: STEMploration

The STEMploration unit enables students to explore the roles of STEM professionals using their knowledge, creativity, and collaboration skills to complete challenges based on relevant, real-world problems.

The Possible Futures curriculum may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.

Health Sciences

Students learn about careers in the health sciences by taking on the role of health care professionals as they follow the treatment journey of a young person injured in a skateboarding accident.

Engineering and Design

Students assume the role of engineers as they learn to prototype, iterate, and innovate. Students are introduced to the design process, develop problem-solving and research skills, and learn to foster a growth mindset.

Information Technology

Students learn the fundamentals of computer programming, develop critical thinking skills, and practice collaboration as they take on the role of coders to design, develop, and market an app solution to a community need.

Coming soon.


Students explore the roles of cybersecurity professionals as they learn about digital citizenship, digital threats, ciphers, digital security, and networking and communication protocols.

This module was developed to accompany the Possible Futures STEMploration unit by the Cybersecurity Education Consortium at Arizona State University with support from JFF.