Possible Futures Curriculum: Skills for Success

The Skills for Success unit prepares students to gain the essential 21st-century skills of collaboration, communication, growth mindset, and self-regulation.

The Possible Futures curriculum may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.


Students develop communication skills that will be essential to their future success in learning- and work-based environments such as: verbal and non-verbal communication, listening strategies, conflict management, and self-advocacy.


Students develop collaboration skills in authentic contexts, learning about actions that add or subtract from collaboration, the importance of trust, using technology to collaborate, and how to identify shared goals and criteria for success with peers.

Growth Mindset

Students learn about failure and “failing forward,” luck vs. opportunity, and fixed vs. growth mindsets. Students also practice justifying their claims with evidence, identify the self-talk they use in moments of personal frustration, and develop the ability to recognize mistakes as useful tools for learning.

Self Regulation

Students learn about thinking fast and slow, luck vs. hard work, and examine and reflect on the role of effort and support in attaining their goals.