Possible Futures Curriculum: Lenses on the Future

The Lenses on the Future unit equips students to chart a path to future success by identifying personal interests and strengths, researching college and career opportunities, and considering potential ways to contribute to society.

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Students learn to evaluate future options for career and college by considering their own interests, talents, culture, and values. Students identify what currently fascinates them and explore new interests.


Students consider how they can contribute to their communities, noting the complex ways that a diversity of fields and careers support solutions to local and global problems. The society lens asks: What are the problems that face your generation and how will your unique talents help solve these pressing challenges?

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Students build background knowledge to prepare them for future decisions and financial realities, learning about the practical elements of future-ready thinking. The security lens guides young people to evaluate educational and career options with a view towards cost, permeability, high-demand fields, future earning potential, and careers that offer opportunities for advancement.

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