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Insights: Job Attainment

Most people who contact American Job Centers are looking for help finding a new job. Many have been employed for decades and may not be familiar with current job search, application, and interviewing processes. Others may be experiencing long-term unemployment and need help refining or building the skills that they will need to succeed in today’s ever-evolving economy.

The rate at which people find jobs through the workforce system can fluctuate based on a variety of factors, including previous experience, education level, credentials, the industry or occupation they are entering, and the degree of supportive services they receive. Exploring how socio-economic and demographic factors influence job attainment rates enables workforce professionals to root out systemic inequities and ensure that all workers have equal access to jobs that offer opportunities for economic advancement.

Go to Data Resources for information about the sources of the data, computations used, and story narrative of the visualizations. Terminology provides descriptions for industry and common terms.

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