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By definition, an insight is a clear, deep, and sometimes sudden understanding of a problem or situation.

During the initial pilot phase, we identified O4O Insights metrics that measure impact across four key areas: career advancement, job attainment, life situations, and training costs. They are intended to track the progress of a journey that begins with a story of career advancement followed by a series of narratives illustrated with data backed by sources that are pertinent to training and workforce development activities.

As we gather more data with our partners, we will explore and elaborate on additional areas of impact.

Insights: Career Advancement

Many people entering the public workforce system do so with the intention of gaining in-demand skills, credentials, and work experience that will help them earn more money and advance upward along their current career trajectory. Others seek the training and education necessary to shift fields entirely to an industry that aligns more with their interests or with greater long-term earning potential.

Understanding the ways in which wage outcomes are tied to or determined by credential attainment provides workforce professionals and training providers with insights into which credentials are most valued, in-demand, and provide the greatest return on investment for learners and workers

Next insight Job Attainment →

Next insight Job Attainment →

Go to Data Resources for information about the sources of the data, computations used, and story narrative of the visualizations. Terminology provides descriptions for industry and common terms.

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