2020 Agenda


The Main Stage

On the Horizons main stage, you will hear from thought leaders who are pushing the boundaries in workforce and education innovation. Organized around one of JFF’s four key pillars—how do we design, scale, influence, and invest in our future—each main stage session features speakers who will inspire us while challenging us.

Spotlight Sessions

In our Spotlight Sessions, we will narrow our focus from the main stage. You will hear from speakers who are driving innovation and changing the ways workforce and education interact with their specific fields. These sessions will run concurrently with audiences of 100+ attendees; speakers are invitation-only.

Breakout Sessions

These smaller sessions are focused on specific problems and ideas and are hosted by attendees like you: Fortune 500 companies, foundations, policymakers, educators, and entrepreneurs. Dive into the details with national experts who will bring you into the conversation.