Horizons 2020: Video Library

Explore our video library to relive Horizons 2020 or catch up on some great conversations you might have missed. Check back soon as we share more!

These recordings capture the momentum and urgency that our speakers brought to the Horizons virtual experience, which focused on a different theme–Design, Scale, Influence, or Invest—each day. The daily activities opened with plenary sessions in which panels of respected leaders confronted the pressing issues of our time.

Day 1: Design

Opening Remarks

Plenary: The Urgent Need to Solve Today’s Challenges and Build a More Equitable Future

Day 2: Scale

Plenary: Bold Approaches to Solving Problems at Scale

Day 3: Influence

Plenary: A Call for Collaboration Among Leaders From Many Sectors

Day 4: Invest

Plenary: Radically New Ways to Invest in the Future of Work and Learning