February 9–10
Impact Employer Summit 2021

At a Glance

On February 9-10, 2021 JFF and our Summit Advisory Council welcomed over 150 Fortune 1000 leaders to unpack the magnitude of this moment and look for solutions to the wealth inequity crisis that U.S. workers face.

February 9–10, 2021


This time of social and economic reckoning has upended corporate talent management, and in doing so created a monumental opportunity for positive change. Now is the time for employers to rebuild talent practices to emphasize equity, put employee well-being at the center of strategy, and create economic mobility—particularly for those who have been hit hardest by the crisis.

On February 9-10, 2021 JFF hosted the second annual Impact Employer Summit to design a better future on the other side of this crisis.

Speakers included Adam Grant (bestselling author), Shelly Bell (founder and CEO of Black Girl Ventures), David Gelles (New York Times columnist), Dan Schulman (CEO of PayPal), in addition to cutting-edge leaders who pushed attendees to change the way they attract and develop talent for the greater good. Activities included opportunities to connect with peers and learn about what the best companies are doing to foster economic mobility as our labor market changes.


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Summit Advisory Council

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Seizing this Moment: Welcome to the Summit

We are living and leading through a moment like no other. In this video, Catherine Ward, managing director at JFFLabs, kicks off JFF's Impact Employer Summit with a bold vision for what attendees accomplished, framing for key social and business issues, and details on the dynamic agenda.

The Corporate America We Need | Part 1

David Gelles, New York Times Columnist, interviews Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, and Kenyatta Leal, the Director of Slack’s Next Chapter program, to unpack the role that companies can and should play as agents of positive change in the lives of their employees and communities.

This conversation focused on specific strategies that Slack has adopted to foster an inclusive workplace—ones that authentically put employee well-being; diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of strategy. In the follow-on Talkback session, Cat Ward and Lucretia Murphy, senior director at JFF, join David to unpack his conversation with Slack.

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New Rules for Talent Leaders: Practical Strategies for a Better Recovery

The disproportionate effects of 2020's crises on U.S.workers highlighted fissures and inequities in our talent practices. Looking forward, what can business leaders do to ensure we do not "return to normal" but move into a better future for everyone? In this video talent leaders share what they learned in 2020 and what steps they are taking to build a more equitable future.

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Popping the Hood on Our New Federal Policy Agenda

Chandler Morse, Senior Director, North America Public Policy at Workday, and Lexi Barrett Associate Vice President at JFF, unpack and demystify the education and workforce priorities of the Biden Administration.

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Your Guide to Positive Disruption: How Corporate Leaders Can Effectively Create Change within their Companies

A successful recovery doesn’t happen by magic. It will require all of us to lead, to reimagine how equity and opportunity intersect with our work, to be disruptive changemakers. In this video, Shelly Bell, Founder & CEO of Black Girl Ventures explores how actions by corporate leaders can take on amplified impact. Bell shares what it looks like to be a productive disruptor in a corporate setting and how actions as a leader create more economic opportunity and mobility for workers. In the talkback conversation, Shelly is joined by Kristina Francis, Executive Director of JFFLabs, to explore key points from Shelly's presentation.

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Our Shared Future: The Impact of Positive Disruption on Workers

JFF’s CEO, Maria Flynn, Opportunity@Work’s CEO, Byron Auguste, Wilkin Sanchez, Cyber Security Associate, Envision Technology Advisors, and Amber Wallace Dekie, Associate Service Desk Technician, Iron Bow Technologies engage in a conversation to discuss how the behavior of corporate leaders can create meaningful opportunity and mobility. In the conversation they explore what corporate leaders need to do to drive real positive impact for their people and communities where they do business. As well as which talent practices actually make a difference—and which don’t.

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The Corporate America We Need | Part 2

David Gelles, New York Times Columnist, interviews Dan Schulman, CEO of Paypal. Together they unpack the role that companies can and should play as agents of positive change in the lives of their employees and communities. In the talkback conversation, David is joined by Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work to unpack his interview with PayPal.

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