Marian Prokop is editorial manager for JFF’s Communications team. In that role, she oversees and coordinates the process of editing JFF content. Her responsibilities include assigning new projects to staff editors and freelancers. She also edits blogs, reports, website content, and the various other types of written material that JFF produces.

Marian has spent much of her career at daily newspapers and in online journalism. Before joining JFF, she was senior news editor at Computerworld, an award-winning enterprise technology website. She also worked at MSNBC and for Microsoft’s personal finance website, writing a column for consumers called “Reality Check.” She was a local and city reporter at several Connecticut dailies, advancing to Page 1 editor and assistant managing editor at The Hartford Courant.

Marian says she was attracted to JFF because of its commitment to changing education and workforce systems to help underserved people get a chance at a better life.

Outside of work, she is an avid gardener, a movie and theater buff, a gym rat, and a cat fancier. She loves reading daily newspapers but also enjoys escaping into thick novels.