Leah Moschella

Leah Moschella is an associate director for the Pathways to Prosperity Network, a collaboration between the Harvard Graduate School of Education and JFF, where she supports leaders in K–12, higher education, business and industry, and government in developing and implementing rigorous career pathways leading to high-wage, high-demand jobs that leave open the prospect of further education.

Prior to joining JFF, Leah served as the manager of College and Career Pathways at Notre Dame Education Center, where she was responsible for designing and implementing a workforce readiness curriculum and employer engagement council for English language learners, adult learners, and opportunity youth.

Leah also brings seven years of program management experience with JVS Boston and The WorkPlace One Stop Career Center in Boston, where she led initiatives to support persistence in high school completion and reduce barriers to college and career. While there, she oversaw the development of the Secure Jobs Partnership, a collaborative program supporting low-income and homeless families in securing family-supporting careers.

Leah served as a founding member of the Boston Youth Workforce Collaborative and as a Shafik Gabr Diplomatic Fellow for innovative leaders in public policy and international dialogue in Egypt and Washington, DC.

She has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and gender studies from Fordham University in New York and master’s degrees in human services and education from Northeastern University in Boston.