Jacqueline  Gonzalez

Jacqueline Gonzalez is a senior program manager at JFF. In that role, she often advocates for, supports, and mobilizes corporate investments to build meaningful employment pathways for all.

Jackie focuses on building economic mobility solutions for workers in occupations that are predominately low-wage and low-growth—including customer-facing work in industries such as retail, food, and hospitality and the gig economy. She also supports projects that benefit people who face barriers to employment.

Her skills and areas of expertise include:

  • Program design and development
  • Youth development
  • Apprenticeship and work-based learning
  • Employer outreach
  • New technologies and human development

Before joining JFF, Jackie managed a “maker space” program for underrepresented teens at Boston’s Museum of Science. That program emphasized mentorship and project-based learning, and it helped Jackie understand the impact cooperative work-based learning experiences. Before that, Jackie was involved in the game-based learning community, working with the Scratch team at the MIT Media Lab, the DevTech Lab at Tufts University, PBS’s Design Squad Nation, and FableVision.

Jackie is a member of the Retail Opportunity Network and TYPROS, the Tulsa Young Professionals Network. She occasionally speaks on topics such as networking for introverts and reimagining employment experiences for teens.

She says she was drawn to JFF because the organization’s reputation “allows us to take risks, and I love that we’re allowed to be bold and think differently about what opportunity looks like for all workers. I love being a part of something that is life-changing for people and impactful for institutions and industries.”

Outside of work, Jackie says, “While I identify as an introvert, I’m a performer at heart—be it improv, karaoke, or even traditional theater. If I’m not performing, you can often find me watching, learning, or volunteering for a show."