Dantel Proctor

Dantel Proctor is a program manager for the Best Bet Services team at JFF. She works closely with staff at transfer schools, Young Adult Borough Centers, high schools, and community-based organizations to integrate the MyBestBets platform into their career and college-readiness curriculums. She manages the MyBestBets trial and sales process as well. 

Additionally, Dantel is a part of the MyPACE team, which manages a customized version of MyBestBets created for the National Office of Job Corps. Dantel helps run a help desk being utilized by 125 Job Corps locations that service approximately 60,000 students. She also assists management of the National Student Attendance, Engagement and Success Center (NSAESC) in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education and Johns Hopkins University’s Everyone Graduates Center. This partnership creates awareness and provide resources for preventing and reversing the effects of student chronic absenteeism.

Before taking on her program manager role, Dantel provided project and administrative support to JFF's Students at the Center and Back on Track teams as a program associate. Prior to JFF, Dantel worked in the Career Services Department at Everest Institute, working one on one with students to help them prepare for and acquire jobs in the dental and medical fields. She has also worked in an administrative capacity at three nonprofits in the Greater Boston area.

Dantel holds a bachelor's degree in communications, with a focus in public relations, as well as a minor in English from La Salle University. She is currently studying for her master's degree in human behavior at Capella University, and she is expected to finish in winter 2019.