Alicia Williams is a coordinator on JFF’s organizational services team.

She helps keep the Boston office running smoothly and contributes to efforts to make JFF a wonderful community to be a part of. She also provides executive support to COO Brian Douglas, Senior Vice President Daphne Layton, and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Jason Cavnar.

Her skills and areas of expertise include:

  • Financial, academic, and research executive support
  • Event planning and management
  • Higher education faculty and lab support

For the past decade, Alicia has honed her skills as an assistant in a variety of administrative support roles in health care settings, academia, and the financial sector. She says she gains a great deal of personal satisfaction from becoming a reliable “central hub” of information for the people she supports and from knowing that the work she does is vital to her teams’ successes and achievements, even if it is not always the most visible.

Reflecting on her career, Alicia says, “Some of my proudest accomplishments include helping to foster and encourage positive attitudes through some big organizational changes. At Harvard Medical School, for example, I started a culture of playing word and board games and other small games to give people ‘mini brain breaks.’ That had the byproduct of bringing all the researchers and lab staff members to my desk to play games—but they were really just trapped while they gave me all the answers I needed!”