Reimagining a Tried and True Strategy to Strengthen the Fabric of American Manufacturing


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IMT Critical to Growth at Hayes Performance Systems

Hayes has a long history as a manufacturer of motorcycle brakes, and it’s seeking to extend that expertise into other automotive markets including agriculture, construction, and defense. For Hayes to diversify successfully, its workers need to be flexible, nimble, and able to learn new product lines quickly and efficiently. But even as it is diversifying its product line, Hayes faces an impending wave of retirements among the baby boomers in its workforce, who are highly skilled and experienced.


Always Growing and Learning: Press Operator Explains The Value Of The IMT Apprenticeship

“I never turn down extra training,” says Pedro Driscoll, who is participating in the first cohort of Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) apprentices at Bermo, a metal manufacturing company in Minneapolis. “I was honored to represent the company” Pedro continues. “This is my second time going to school for Bermo, and I was proud that they asked me.”


On the Path to Advancement: A Journey Back To School Through Apprenticeship

Every Thursday, Larteng Kong stays at work for an extra hour or two to attend the in-class portion of the Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) apprenticeship offered at Hood Packaging’s Minneapolis facility. It makes for a long day and means that he doesn’t get to spend much time with his five-year old son on those days but, for Larteng, attending the IMT class is an investment in his future.


Apprentice to Journey Worker: First IMT Registered Apprentice Transforms Her Career

“It’s all about self-growth. If a person is more interested [in the work], you’re going to have an employee with growth.” This is Brandi Dunham, Quality Control Inspector at HB Performance Systems in Mequon, Wisconsin. She’s talking about the value she felt she had as an apprentice. In 2013 Brandi became the first Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) Registered Apprentice in the nation. She says much of her drive and motivation in her apprenticeship is grounded in her relationship with her employer. “It’s all about trust.


Adding a Gender Lens to Nontraditional Jobs Training

Nontraditional jobs hold the promise of new and high-potential careers that could mean significant new opportunities for women who are currently underrepresented in manufacturing and other technical occupations. Industries such as manufacturing can provide access to well-paid, career-track jobs that provide economic security and enable women to support themselves and their families.

Why Apprenticeship Matters for Workers, Businesses, and Unions

Manufacturer Apprenticeship JFF Header Image

Meeting the demand for a competitive 21st century manufacturing workforce will require training models that work. Apprenticeships are a powerful solution that equip workers with the technical skills needed to drive the country’s manufacturing industry to grow and succeed in the global economy. 


Today's Realities—Tomorrow's Workforce: Addressing Region 7's Rural Workforce Mismatch

The Southwest Alabama Workforce Development Council leadership is concerned about workforce challenges in the southwest corner of the state. The rural counties of Region 7, a sub-state area designated by the state for addressing workforce development issues, have lagged behind their urban neighbors in recovering from the economic recession of 2007. SAWDC recognizes that a new and expanded effort is required to improve the rural economy and better align demand and supply of workers attempting to connect around real-time hiring needs.


Florida Jobs 2030: A Cornerstone Series Report for the Florida 2030 Intiative