Developmental Education

Student Success Center Network: Stories of Success

A Student Success Center is a statewide organization that helps community colleges implement guided pathways to increase student completion of credentials of value. JFF provides services that help Centers effectively support colleges as they undertake this challenging effort. This series profiles the efforts of Centers in New Jersey, Ohio, and Texas to improve student success.


Paving the Way: Remaking Entry for Postsecondary Success

This paper is part of a series recommending specific features likely to help more underprepared students in competency-based education (CBE) settings master college-ready skills, persist in their postsecondary studies, and ultimately earn credentials.

Comparing Good Jobs to Good Classrooms: Essential Elements for Supporting People to Learn, Persist, and Succeed

Recently, I read an employer profile for the Kentucky-based materials manufacturer Universal Woods, written by Steven Dawson. Universal Woods is a manufacturer of hard surface panels and flooring headquartered in Louisville, KY, with 200 employees, and operations in Ohio, Australia, and Belgium.

Insights from Socializing the World of Work Initiative

The technological advances of the past 40 years have fueled the Fourth Industrial Revolution which has greatly impacted the modern workplace. The First Industrial Revolution used water and steam power to mechanize production; the Fourth Industrial Revolution will use robotics, automation, computing, and the internet to transform the nature of work forever. While technology has made us more productive, it has changed many of the types of jobs we do, and how we do them. What does this mean for K-12 educators? How can this inform how we define getting our students “college and career ready”?


Building on a Strong Foundation: Linking CBE with Innovations in Developmental Education Redesign

Community colleges are committed to finding effective ways to serve underprepared learners by equipping them with the skills and credentials they need for future employment. In most cases, community colleges attempt to fulfill this mission through developmental education, but that route often can impede or derail the learner's road to college completion.

A Conversation with an Adult Education Director: Ensuring Student Success through Guided Pathways

Q&A with John Kerr, Washington state director for Basic Education for Adults

This is the first in a series of periodic conversations with members of the Policy Leadership Trust for Student Success.

College for the Rest of Us

When we think about college in this country, top-tier institutions like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford come to mind, in part because there is no shortage of media coverage of college rankings and admissions at the top. In the last couple weeks alone there were two separate stories about high school students who got accepted to all eight Ivy League schools.

$1.3 Million Grant Makes Wisconsin the Fourteenth Student Success Center in Network

Student Success Centers Are Supporting Community Colleges in Many Ways—And Creating Guided Pathways Is One

Completion Is Not Enough! Up Next: Advising

Originally posted on Completion By Design's blog on September 7, 2016.