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Pathways to Prosperity Network Case Study Series

Five years ago, JFF and the Harvard Graduate School of Education launched the Pathways to Prosperity Network, a collaboration of states and regions developing college and career pathways for all students. This national effort is chronicled in Learning for Careers: The Pathways to Prosperity Network (Harvard Education Press, 2017), a recent book by Pathways to Prosperity Network Co-Founders Nancy Hoffman and Bob Schwartz.


Four Ways to Increase the Value of Short-Term Credentials: A Guide for Community Colleges

A growing number of people are pursuing alternative educational credentials in order to acquire specialized job skills and knowledge. Many credentials were created to close the skill gap between what workers know and can do and what industries need. But ironically, employers often do not understand the value of these credentials, and as a result, do not factor them into hiring and promotion decisions.


Supporting Postsecondary Success in Delaware: A Landscape Analysis of Student Opportunities

Delaware has emerged as a national leader among states working to improve postsecondary education and career outcomes for young people. The state’s rich history of strong public-private partnerships has positioned leaders in the state to launch important initiatives focused on college and career readiness and access that engage stakeholders across all sectors.

Delaware a National Leader in Career Pathways, Case Study Finds

Pathways to Prosperity Network Case Study Series


Learning for Careers: The Pathways to Prosperity Network


Now And Then: Balancing Quick Wins With Lasting Progress When Working Across Sectors To Change Systems

In 2015, The James Irvine Foundation engaged Jobs for the Future to design and manage a cross-sector initiative to scale and elevate the quality of Linked Learning, an increasingly popular approach to college and career readiness. Now in its third year of implementation, the Linked Learning Regional Hubs of Excellence (or “Regional Hubs”) bring together K–12 school districts, postsecondary institutions, workforce intermediaries, employers, and community-based organizations to implement a coordinated Linked Learning strategy.

The Secret Glue in the Swiss Apprenticeship System

Center for Young Professionals Banking Apprentices and Trainer at CEMETS Summer Institute

Center for Young Professionals banking apprentices and trainer share experiences with CEMETS Summer Institute participants.

Swiss Apprenticeship Series


In this three-part series, JFF's Nancy Hoffman shares insights and reflections from her deep experience studying and learning about the Swiss Vocational and Professional Educational and Training (VPET) system. Switzerland is a global leader in developing successful apprenticeship and work-based learning systems.

On the Road: Learning from the Successful Swiss Apprenticeship System

Participants from around the world presented at CEMETS Summer Institute.

Participants from around the world presented at the CEMETS Summer Institute in Switzerland this past June.